We are here in Houston and had our first day at MD Anderson.  Today was just radiology…they repeated the mammogram and ultrasound so they could compare the scans with the ones I had at home.  Sounds easy enough, but it was a pretty crappy morning.

First, the mammogram which was definitely unlike any mammo I have had before.  All I can say is ouch! It was much longer than usual and involved lots of extremely tight clamping. I mean really tight. I have been getting them since I was 35 and its always a little uncomfortable, but never like this. I guess if they can get better pictures that way it’s worth it.

Then, on to the ultrasound…I had a tough cookie from Boston as my ultrasound tech.  She referred to my tumor as “teeny tiny”, which I love to hear.  She is the second medical professional who has said that. After about 45 minutes of ultrasound-ing, she stepped out and came back with the radiologist.  Apparently, they had seen a nodule on my OTHER breast. Ugh.

The radiologist said she really thought it was benign, but with my BRCA status we have to biopsy it. (Haven’t I heard that before?).  She told me they would do a simple needle biopsy and then a pathologist would read the tissue and have a result in ten minutes.  If benign, I could go home. If malignant, they would have to do a “real” biopsy.

So after prepping me for the procedure, signing paperwork and lots of waiting we got the show on the road. The lab lady from pathology showed up and the procedure began. Now, from the way she explained it…I thought it would be a very simple procedure and not as bad as my last biopsy (which really wasn’t that big of a deal). I thought it would just be like a shot.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. First of all, I guess she didn’t give me enough anesthesia so I felt this intense burning pain. “Ouch! I can feel that!” I yelled.  She started giving me more and gave me like 3 shots. It was super painful. Then, I guess this nodule was very deep so it took about 30 minutes of tugging until she got what she needed.

After awhile (much longer than 10 minutes), the radiologist came back in and said that pathology did not see anything suspicious on their first test, but that she will not say its benign until the full pathology report comes back. She seemed stressed out. I don’t know why. Maybe because of the anesthesia, or maybe because she didn’t feel she got a great sample? Or maybe because she was so busy, the place was packed. Anyway, I will have the results tomorrow when we meet with the doctor.

It was a not fun morning.

I was very cranky after my appointments but I finally got over it and my mom and I went to a fun part of Houston called Rice Village for some retail therapy and a nice dinner. Shopping, a manicure and wine definitely helped.

I am trying to focus on the positive…that they think its benign and that my (other) tumor is “teeny tiny”.  Looking forward to finding out more tomorrow.

Best part of the trip was cocktails with my mom and sister last night. If only this was just a normal girls weekend! Have loved spending time with them though, and very thankful that they are here. We miss you, Sara! XO

3 thoughts on “Texas

  1. You are amazing and strong! So glad you are at MD Anderson. Sounds very thorough which is the best thing. Hang in there. Thinking of you every minute. Love from Sara and Hadley.


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