Another day. Another biopsy.

I found out why the radiologist seemed stressed out. The biopsy failed. She was only able to get blood, no tissue in the sample. So in a couple of hours I will have a repeat. Hoping for benign results and better pain meds this time around.

On to some good news….met with two amazing, incredible doctors. I was so impressed with both the breast surgeon and the plastic surgeon, as well as their fellows and nurses.  They spent a lot of time with us, were very thorough and answered all of our questions. These guys have ridiculous credentials and they deal with breast cancer all day, every day. I had the gut feeling with both of them that these are people I want in my corner.

Waiting now to go in for the biopsy, then meeting with the oncologist later this afternoon. Tomorrow I fly home and can’t wait to see my kids.

Thanks so much for all of the texts and emails checking in. I feel the love and I love my peeps!


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