Beautiful B9


After three attempts to biopsy today, they finally got the sample they needed and my left side is in the clear!

Benign is such a beautiful word to hear these days.

Now we just need to deal with Lefty’s evil twin sister.

We got some very positive opinions today and I am feeling optimistic. I have a big surgery ahead of me, which will be no picnic. BUT…if there are no surprises during surgery, things are looking very good! MDA feels that we caught this very early and it is very small and treatable.

I am loving my doctors at MDA which we now refer to as “The Dream Team”.  These guys are pretty famous and pretty awesome. I don’t know how I lucked out with this crew, but I feel very lucky.

So glad I came here for a second opinion. Big love for MDA right now.

I will leave you with this helpful chart my sister found for breast exams.

Looking forward to going home tomorrow!


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