Happy May

It looks like surgery will happen in early June, so May should be a pretty normal month! Although anxious to have the surgery, I am thankful to have a month to plan and prepare.

We decided to do my daughter’s birthday in May instead of June, so I quickly threw together a fun party for her which I think she will love. We are doing a limo to a fun restaurant with a handful of friends…she is super excited.

Heading to Disney this weekend with dear friends and staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, where I have always wanted to stay. Looking forward to a fun family weekend.

I am so thankful that I won’t miss the girl’s recitals…both happening on the same weekend and my older daughter has the featured solo in her musical theatre number. I would have been so bummed to miss that!

Also I have a trunk to pack for my son’s first summer at sleepaway camp.  Determined to get that done this month.

Soo…looking forward to a nice normal May without a lot of “c-word” stuff.  If the blog is quiet this month, it means I am having fun and not stressing out about things.

Just want to say a huge thank you to everyone for being so supportive, checking in, listening, driving my kids, going to doctors appointments with me, etc.  I am so lucky to have such an amazing network of family and friends.

Here’s to hoping May doesn’t go by too fast…Big love to all. XO



3 thoughts on “Happy May

  1. Have an awesome time at Disney this weekend!! I've always wanted to stay there too. And sounds like the May plans are buttoned up well. Yes, have extra fun this month, you so deserve it. XOXOXO


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