Ants In Pants

I am not a patient person. Waiting is really hard for me, always has been. I am ready to get this show on the road!

I wish I had a fast forward button that I could press until I am on the other side of the surgery.  Too much time on my hands is causing my mind to go to dark places.

Stay positive, they say. There is power in positive thinking. Okay. Trying. Positivity.

Here is what is going to happen on June 5:

Everything will be on schedule, according to plan. I fly to Houston with no delays or turbulence. During pre-op I feel calm and ready to get this stuff out of me. No anxiety or fear. The operation goes smoothly with absolutely no surprises or complications.

Teeny tiny tumor, no lymph node involvement. Wow, says the surgeon. This is one of the smallest tumors and most uncomplicated cases I have ever seen! Everyone in the OR agrees.

After surgery, I rest comfortably with no issues from anesthesia or pain. It doesn’t take long for me to be up and on my feet. I make friends with the nurses and am joking and laughing with everyone.

Recovery is a breeze. Much easier than I thought. The drains are no biggie, my scars don’t even look that bad! I take some pain pills for a few days, but don’t even need them after the first week.

I am a perfect patient and don’t annoy my parents at all. We have fun binge watching House of Cards on Netflix. It’s kind of like a little vacation.

The expanders? They are not heavy, they feel fine. I have no problems sleeping comfortably.

Infection? Nope.

Trouble reaching stuff, getting dressed and bathing myself? No issues. I got this.

Back at home, kids are in their routine and happy.  All is under control. They are not worried about me and are enjoying camp and friends. All of the instructions I put together for their routine are perfect, I didn’t forget a thing.

Final pathology comes back with no surprises. We got this so early! It’s tiny.  Clean margins, got it all. No chemo needed. No radiation needed.

I fly home ahead of schedule with an easy transition to a local plastic surgeon to finish everything up.

Pretty soon life is back to normal and this becomes just a blip, a memory. People go back to treating me normally. Work, kids and life get normal again.  I start a new exercise plan.  I meditate. I feel calm, happy and lucky.

Positive, positive, positive.

Hopefully, in a few weeks I can write a post similar to this one.

Fingers crossed!


3 thoughts on “Ants In Pants

  1. I have COMPLETE positive vibes about all involved, Jennifer. Sending positivity to you today and every day up until the big day. It is so natural to feel all that you are feeling. Take this time to be good to yourself. I am here for you xoxo

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  2. We are sending lots of positive thoughts and hugs from Boston. You are very strong and smart and really an inspiration for all of us women! Thinking about you lots and can’t wait to see you happy and healthy in the Keys this Thanksgiving!

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