Fancy, Fancy

My blog looks fancy now, doesn’t it?

Blogging is part of what I do for a living. I help clients with blogs for their businesses…and it was driving me crazy that my own little blog wasn’t pretty enough! Also, I did not initially create it on WordPress, which was really annoying me.

Anyway, I switched things up, and am now in my happy place, which is on WordPress. So much better! Hopefully, people who have been having issues leaving comments, following, etc. will enjoy the new changes as well.

Who is reading this, I wonder? Go ahead, leave a comment if you feel like it. And if you want to get updates when there is a new post, just hit the “follow” button to get an email notification.

I spoke to my friend who recently finished going through treatment the other day and it is always so nice to speak to her. She just gets it. Everything about it. I was having a day where I was feeling a little blue and she definitely helped.

Also connected with another mom in my neighborhood who had breast cancer a couple years ago. She was very positive and said that her surgery was smooth, with no issues. She went to Sloan Kettering  in NYC and said going to a big cancer center makes all the difference. Her blog had information about this site, which arranges travel for people traveling for cancer care.  This could definitely be helpful for all of the flying back and forth I will need to do!

My best days are the normal ones. The ones where I do my hair, put on a real outfit and go meet with clients, see a friend for lunch. Staying home in sweats and doing c-word research while stress eating? Not so much. Will try to have less of those days before I leave for surgery.

The next couple of weeks are going to be crazy. Tons of end of school activities, two dance recitals with extra rehearsals, a band concert, my son’s birthday, a little birthday celebration for me (woohoo!) and trying to get everything prepped for camp and summer.

But busy is good. A week from Tuesday I head to Houston for one night of some pre-op stuff.  Then on June 5 Mark and I will head back for the surgery.

Thank you to all of our family, friends and neighbors that are helping out with kids and logistics.  It takes a village, and I am so lucky that I have a great one!




One thought on “Fancy, Fancy

  1. Loving your new fancy blog. This is one of those times that I hate being so far away. I would be there in a second to help out with kids, etc. i am so glad you have such a great network of friends and family to help.. Thinking of you everyday, Jennifer. You will get through this. XOXO

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