Best Mastectomy (and Bday) Gifts Ever

I am so lucky to have an amazing group of girlfriends. Yesterday was my birthday, and they treated me to a yummy celebratory lunch at one of my favorite restaurants. I adore this group of women and it is always so great to hang with them. With busy lives and schedules, we don’t get to do it as often as we should.

During my birthday lunch, I got up to use the restroom and when I got back to the table, there was this amazing tower of gifts at my seat! There were at least 20 gifts to open. Who doesn’t love opening presents?

One of my friends, who was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years ago planned the whole thing. (She is now NED, which means No Evidence of Disease..woohoo!) This woman has been a huge support and is a special kind of soul sister to me now. She organized the BEST collection of gifts ever.

The amount of time that went in to carefully choosing, organizing and wrapping these items is just beyond thoughtful. Seriously. Thank you, Amy. Did I mention that she has three kids, is a successful attorney and still dealing with some health issues?  This chick is a superwoman.

I wanted to share the gifts because there are so many items here that are helpful for those facing a double mastectomy. Everything was labeled into cute categories.

Luxurious backrest pillow

Custom-made pillows to put under my arms for comfort after surgery.

Two pairs of the softest, most comfortable and luxurious pajamas from Soma. These are made of a special material to keep you cool.

Thank-you notes. Pre-stamped with return address written in! Seriously brilliant.

Damn it Dolls (for pity par-tays)

 Adult Coloring Book (always wanted to try these…love that the pencils are erasable)

Eye shade + earplugs for better sleeping in hospitals and during the day.

Blackbird’s BackBeads

I adore these! They can be used for meditation and worn as a special necklace to keep your intentions close to your heart and carry a sense of peace throughout the day. Plus, they are beautiful.

Lanyard + safety pins to hold my drains in the shower

Karma calendar (kind of like an advent calendar but can be used any month)

Awesome hoodie! Everything you wear after surgery has to be button down or zipper. I love that this hoodie is sleeveless, perfect for summer.



4 thoughts on “Best Mastectomy (and Bday) Gifts Ever

  1. WOW – Amy is such an amazing friend and guide to help you navigate through this whole adventure! Birthday girl definitely knows how to rock her tiara!


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