Best gown so was actually a little scrubs type shirt, like the nurses wear. Got to keep it on for all my tests.

I just got back from Houston for a quick overnight trip to do some pre-op stuff. Had dinner with my parents and slept at the apartment they rented for the month. It’s close to the hospital and very nice, should be a comfortable place for recovery.

My appointments were pretty easy. I had an EKG, which I have never had before. It only took about 10 minutes, maybe 5? They stick about ten little round electrodes to your chest. Each electrode is connected to a wire and a machine that tracks your heart activity with a quick printout.  Also had a standard chest x-ray and blood work. They just need to make sure that my lungs and heart are in good working order and ready for surgery.

I met with my surgical team again and forgot just how much I like them. They went over everything and answered all our questions. I truly feel like I am in great hands and getting the best care, so that is a comforting feeling. It did suck signing the paperwork…they have to cover their butts so they prepare you for every possible what-if.

As the big surgery day approaches, I am feeling anxious.  Worried about being away from the kids, my recovery and of course the final pathology reports. But instead of dreading the surgery I am trying to put a positive light on things by thinking that I am doing everything I need to do to take care of myself so I can lead a long and happy life! That after the surgery I will be cancer-free and ready to move past this.

Hopefully, I won’t need chemo or radiation. But if I do, I will try to approach those treatments in the same way. As something I need to do to get healthy.

As far as the surgery goes..I am trying to think of it kind of like pregnancy/childbirth.  Yes, the expanders may be uncomfortable (some say its like a “steel bra” or having rocks in your chest), but being pregnant was uncomfortable too. For 9 months, and I did it three times. I also had three c-sections, which were not fun, but bearable. So..I can do this!

This weekend we will be busy with camp open houses, end-of-school stuff and two dance recitals. I am trying to enjoy these last few days of normalcy.

Monday we head to Houston for surgery, which is scheduled for early Tuesday morning.

After all the waiting, we are almost there.

I am ready.




One thought on “Pre-Op

  1. Almost there! I know how anxious you must feel. You are doing all the right things, and have the best attitude! Yes, you CAN do this. Love you so much!

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