Drain, Drain Go Away


So happy that the surgery is over!  Very relieved to be done with it.

Now I  am in drainland..totally not fun. I won’t go into too much detail here, because they are pretty gross. Lets just say that I will be happy when they can be taken out! First drain appointment on Monday, so fingers crossed..even if 1 or 2 were taken out, that would make me happy. I have 4 total.

I have been on a pretty steady schedule of pain meds, so lots of napping. Trying to find the balance between getting a bit of exercise as well, since everyone says walking is important. Its hard because the pain meds do help but they make me soo drowsy.

And then, the worst part is this darn nerve pain. I guess nerve pain is not able to be controlled with the standard pain meds.  Hopefully on Monday they will give me something else for that very nervy nerve pain!

As far as the cancer goes..surgeons were optimistic as they did not see anything surprising during the operation.  The final pathology will be ready in 7-10 days. More waiting! Fingers and toes crossed.

Thanks so much for all the texts, emails, cards, gifts, etc…and for arranging playdates with my kids and meals back at home. So thankful for my awesome circle of peeps.



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