What To Binge Watch After Surgery

My husband and I like to binge watch shows, and have watched most of the usual suspects. Some of my favorites are Friday Night Lights and Breaking Bad, and a few obscure ones like Younger and Catastrophe. I am so busy with work and my family that I feel like I never have time to watch TV anymore, but recovering from surgery was a great excuse to do some serious bingeing.

Between Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and cable there are so many great series out there now. I was determined to find some new shows to watch. Right after my double mastectomy, I started with the newest seasons of House of Cards and Bloodline. Both great.

Here is the list of what I binge watched after my surgery. I put them in order of preference, starting with my favorite one first.

Good Girls Revolt
This one was by far my favorite! It’s like Mad Men meets Newsroom (loved both of those shows). It is set in the offices of a weekly NYC magazine in the late 1960’s.The magazine does not allow female reporters…they are “researchers” who do all the work while the male reporters get credit. It is so good and I was bummed when it ended. Sadly, there is only one season. I can’t believe it didn’t get picked up for a second season.

Handmaid’s Tale
This was an amazing series…the only reason it wasn’t #1 is because I have read the book and saw the movie and felt that the series mostly stuck to those so it seemed a bit repetitive/familiar. There are some differences, and from what I have read Season 2 will be different from the book/movie. Looking forward to the next season.

The Keepers
This is a true crime documentary (similar to Making a Murderer, which is great) about a huge coverup of sexual abuse that went on at a catholic school and ended in the murder of a beloved teacher and nun. The crime was never solved. Its like a documentary version of the movie Spotlight. The thing I loved the most about the documentary is that two regular women set out on a mission to solve a crime. They were students of the nun and loved her and felt that justice as never served. So they started a Facebook group to try to get students of the school together to trade stories and information to solve the crime. Very interesting and well done.

Z: The Beginning of Everything
This is the story of Zelda Fitzgerald, wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald. It stars Christina Ricci, and I really loved her in the role. I have always found the story of their marriage interesting. I love how in this version of their story everything is from Zelda’s point of view. Can’t wait for season 2.

This is a new series on Netflix starring Naomi Watts. She plays a therapist who has some serious dysfunctional stuff of her own going on. She stalks the people that her patients talk about in their therapy sessions and tries to change the course of her patients lives. There is also some psychosexual stuff going on and some other interesting storylines. Parts of it are a little off and seem pretty unplausible…but Naomi Watts is a captivating actress and its worth watching.  {DISCLAIMER: I was on heavy pain meds when I watched most of this one..lots of people say its awful. I admit I thought it was bad..but in that “fun-bad” type of way.}

Hope this list gives you some unique ideas for shows to watch. Happy Bingeing!




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