Surgery #2

dean-johns-265011.jpgSo, on Monday I am off to MD Anderson for another surgery. I am nervous, a bit annoyed that I need surgery again and am just hoping that everything goes smoothly. Everyone says the exchange (swapping out tissue expanders for implants) is 10x easier than the mastectomy. I hope that is true.

It has been a weird week with Hurricane Irma hitting Florida. I have been so busy, I haven’t had much time to think about the surgery. When the forecasters said the storm was still a Category 5 and our area would take a direct hit, our family of five (and dog) hastily evacuated.

First, we tried to go by air. I looked up flights to all the places we had family…Chicago, Connecticut, Houston, San Francisco.  There was NOTHING. Every seat sold was uncanny. So I tried smaller airports. Portland, ME, Westchester County, Providence. How about just a fun trip somewhere. Vegas? All sold out. Our only option was to drive.

We headed to the west coast, since Irma did not look like she was going to hit Tampa. Then we headed further north and west into the Panhandle, where my husband’s aunt offered us a home where we could stay. As soon as we arrived (after a loooong drive) the forecast changed. It wasn’t going to hit our home after all. It was now heading to the west coast. We tried to make the best of it by enjoying a little vacation in Panama City.

It was a weird and crazy week. In the end, I guess I am glad we left. We were going on the best information we had at the time. Although all of the hours in the car were hard, I think staying home would have been hard, too. The stress of the storm, being stuck in the house with the kids, losing power, the tornado all sounded awful. Panama City was actually a really beautiful spot and we never really got the storm there. Just some light rain.

It was really an emotional ride. There were stretches of time when I thought that we might lose our home, that our community might be destroyed. Being on the road was also scary. We heard horror stories about people running out of gas and the terrible traffic. The whole experience was strange and made me look at the world differently. It gave me an appreciation for the life we live and all of our little conveniences we often take for granted.

So, back to the surgery. I have not been able to find a ton of information online about the Exchange Surgery so I will make sure to post about my experience here. Sometimes the anticipation and not knowing is the hardest thing.

From what I have heard, the surgery will be outpatient and no drains will be involved. Both good things! I have my pre-op Monday, surgery Tuesday and then the post-op Thursday. They sped things up since they know I don’t live in Texas…but thats a pretty nice schedule, right? I hope to be back home by the weekend. Here’s to a smooth procedure, no infections and a fond farewell to these expanders! I won’t miss them. 😉


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