breast cancer awarenessI don’t know how I feel about Pinktober. The whole Pink thing is weird when you get cancer. Cancer isn’t cute. It isn’t girly and it definitely isn’t sexy.  The whole “branding” of breast cancer and the pinkness is weird. I have felt a negativity towards it since I was diagnosed.

What does “Breast Cancer Awareness” really mean? I think most people are aware of how common breast cancer is. The majority of people probably have a close friend or family member who went through it.

The donation thing is weird too.  Who should you donate to? We had a friend (mom of three kids) who tragically passed away from metastatic breast cancer. After she died her husband posted on Facebook about how little is really being done to fight the disease and asked what is really happening to all the millions of dollars donated. It doesn’t go to the families fighting this thing. And very little of it goes to research to cure the disease or to help people who have Stage IV with poor prognosis.

Some may not realize that only one type of breast cancer will kill you. Metastatic Breast Cancer. That is where the majority of the research dollars should go, in my opinion. Breast cancer fundraisers are everywhere, but most of the money raised goes toward breast cancer prevention and early detection efforts. Very little of it, only 2-3%, is dedicated toward research for Stage IV, metastatic breast cancer.  Donate here for metastatic research to find an actual cure for this thing.

This place makes chemo gift bags, I think that is also a great cause to donate to.

For Pinktober this is what I think you should do. Get a mammogram. Do a breast exam. Get this app that will send you reminder texts for exams.  Call a friend who has cancer and let her know you are thinking of her. Don’t say “what can I do”…just do something. Watch her kids. Send a meal. Even just checking in with a text will mean a lot.

Who knows, maybe its just too soon. Maybe next October I will be out there in a pink tutu, running a 5K and posting pink banners on my Facebook page.

Happy Pinktober.




2 thoughts on “Pinktober

  1. Thank you for this. I have been having an awful month emotionally. Stacy asked last week if there is anything she could do to help – I said “get rid of all the pink shit & teal pumpkins!” Love you so much and in so many ways.

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